When Time Flies, Just Flow with it...

Seriously. Where has this year gone? It is almost October! We re-opened almost 2 whole months ago and your support has been seriously awesome. We are so very grateful for ALL of you. Those of you who have been back into the store AND those who continue to shop online, not to mention all the NEW customers we are seeing lately.

Life has been a bit too busy for blogging, but I did want to catch you up on a couple of things.

Firstly, our reduced hours are noticeable and it has to be this way for now. Anyone who knows what it's like to work "retail" will know the extra responsibilities on our shoulders right now. We need to work in new and different ways, with more space. The days we are closed, we are busy behind the scenes, topping up stock, placing orders and keeping the space clean and welcoming. And yes, we need a day between all of that to rest as well, so we do thank you for your understanding as we navigate these times as best we can, learning as we go!

One of the things I am adding to my agenda for October, is a weekly Nia class. If you don't know what that is, and you are curious and/or are looking for a gentle, uplifting, invigorating, pleasurable movement practice to help keep you sane right now, then maybe check out the Nia and Movement link on the Home Page. You'll find some information about Nia there and also the latest class offering. You can also sign up and pay from that page. Classes will be on Zoom.

Nia is something that I personally NEED in my life...and this is why I share it. I know the benefits. They are subtle, gentle and yet powerful. Transformational even....for some. If you are even slightly intrigued, please do take a peek. I even have a special introductory class fee. 

I hope you are keeping well and taking care of your body, mind and spirit. All of it. We need Balance. Especially as we transition through the seasons. Especially in Libra season! If movement is missing from your self care practice, consider joining  me from the comfort of your own home to move, stretch and flow, in your own body's way. 

Feel free to message me with any questions you have or add a comment below. Class starts on Friday October 2nd at 10am.

It would be lovely to see you there....

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