Amy Nicholls - Psychic Medium (In Person)

Amy is a Psychic Medium, Empath, Artist, and Faery Spirit. 
Her Intuition and ability to connect and interpret Divine messaging, by directly connecting to your energy field is unique to her natural talents, formal training, and life experiences.
She incorporates, Tarot, Faery magick, Astrology, Reiki, Psychology, and Druid teaching in all areas of her work. 
She is deeply connected to the healing energy of the Earth, and her knowledge of human nature allows her to create a safe, trauma informed place for her clients to open to hidden information and aspects of self lead healing.
Amy is also a proud single Mother, professional Artist and Jewelry designer, and is the Owner of the local business Resilient MOMMYhood (
To learn more about Amy, visit her website or social media.
•60 Minute Tarot/Intuitive Reading $111.00
•30 Minute Tarot/Intuitive Reading $66.00
•60 Minute Faery Blessing Reading $122.00
•Astrology/North & South Node Reading (requires 48 hours notice as research is required) $144.00

To book a reading with Amy, please contact her directly via her website above.
If you experience any issues reaching her, please call us on 613 692 5151 or message us on social media - Instagram or Facebook and we will get you  connected.