Bridgitte Mitchell

Bridgitte's parents were European and very much in tune with the natural world.  She believes her intuitive abilities were passed down from her mother’s side of the family. Shamanic techniques are the foundation of her energy sessions but she also incorporates other modalities and practices. She is a Reiki Master, IET Master Instructor, certified Crystal Healer, certified Moonologer™ and intuitive guide.  

Bridgitte has 3 different offerings through Green Spirit which can be booked through the shop, or directly through her website at 


“Live by the Moon”  Moonology™ Report and Review

 To “Live by the Moon” is to live consciously with the cycles of the moon to improve and manifest that which you want to see happen in your life.  She will prepare a personal moonology report based on your time, date and place of birth and then you will have a virtual meeting to go over the report. You will review each New and Full Moon’s zodiac influences and then more specifically what areas of your life are being affected according to your birth chart, and how best to work with them. Rituals, correspondences and practices are included. Moonology was created and taught by UK astrologer Yasmin Boland, but it is not astrology even though some aspects of astrology are incorporated. 

48-72 hours required in order to prepare the report prior to the review.

Time, date and place of birth are required.

 1 hour review - $75.00


Intuitive Energy Flow Reading 

This is a two-way conversation using cards as the oracle to find the answers within.  Your energy is mutable and always in motion; that energetic trajectory influences the path you are on. An energy flow reading can help you determine what you may not be seeing, help avoid pitfalls, course correct or simply tell you what you need to know about a particular situation or to remain on the path of your highest good. It is an exploration of inner knowing and how the universe can best support you.

½ hour - $35.00

Waiver form will be sent prior to reading.


Distance Energy Session, Journey & Crystal layout (1 hour 15 min  $95)

Using shamanic techniques, reiki, journeys and crystals, the intention is to balance the energy centres and facilitate self-healing by identifying and releasing energetic blockages. Journeying is akin to a guided meditation that is used to understand the origin of self-limiting patterns and beliefs. It may also reveal guides or allies that can offer support. The sessions are all done distantly. You can choose to participate electronically or the session can be done in absentia (with your higher self) at a predetermined time while you continue your day as usual.  If this is your preference, then a detailed written report will be provided. Either way, a crystal layout is prepared and will remain in place for 2 weeks after the session.

1 hour 15 mins - $95.00

Intake and waiver form will be sent prior to session.