Brigitte Mitchell - Moonologer™ & Oracle Guide - In Person

Brigitte's parents were European and very much in tune with the natural world.  She believes her intuitive abilities were passed down from her mother’s side of the family. Shamanic techniques are the foundation of her energy sessions but she also incorporates other modalities and practices. She is a Reiki Master, IET Master Instructor, certified Crystal Healer, certified Moonologer™ and intuitive guide.  

Brigitte believes in the ability to co-create the life we want to see. As a certified oracle guide and soul coaching oracle® card reader, her aim is to help you hear the inner voices. As a certified Moonologer™, she goes one step further by looking at your Moonology™ chart and what area of your life is being affected by each new and full moon so that you can utilize that energy best.


Brigitte currently has 2 offerings through Green Spirit which can be booked directly through her website at 


“Live by the Moon” Moonology™ Report and Review

We will walk through your personal Moonology™ chart based on your date, time and place of birth. You will be provided with a lunar calendar for planning, correspondences and each session will include a mini Soul Coaching® Oracle card reading.

1 hour - $75.00  (48 hours required for preparation).


Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reading

This is not so much predictive as it is an uncovering of what your soul knows to be true for you.  Based on your question, we will explore through the cards and soul journeys the answers you seek and the wisdom of your soul and guides.  

1⁄2 hour - $35.00