Candice - Tarot (In Person)

Candice uses tarot to tap into energies that allow her to assist her clients in finding solutions to relationship, career and life purpose questions. She is non judgemental and easy to talk to. 

The Offering:
- Tarot
- Mediumship
- Intuitive Advisor
- Energy Worker

30 mins Celtic spread - 65$
45 mins Gypsy or Celtic spread - 90$
60 mins Gypsy or Celtic spread - 110$

Payment should be by e-transfer on the day of the reading to Candice directly please. Email address to be confirmed at time of booking.
Readings can be done by Skype, FaceTime or phone
Payments by E Transfer

Canadian law dictates I say this is for entertainment purposes only and should never replace counselling, medical, financial or legal advice.