Michael O'Connor

Michael is a full time Astrologer based in Montreal, who visits us several times a year. A reading with him provides you with accurate insight and guidance, affirmation, inspiration and a strategy for moving forward in life!

Areas addressed can include but are not limited to: career and business, relationships, life changes, timing, moving or selling real estate, past lives, karmic and destiny and 3, 6 or 12 month forecasts. Sessions are digitally recorded for you and sent via email.
If you cannot wait for his next visit to Manotick, Skype bookings are available. Just say CAROLINE AT GREEN SPIRIT REFERRED YOU and get 10% Discount.

Prices are $50 for 30 minutes and $100 for an hour.

For more information on Michael and his services: https://www.michaeloconnorastrologer.com
For a peek at your weekly horoscope: https://www.michaeloconnorastrologer.com/horoscope