Rochelle - Angels & Mediumship (In Person)

Rochelle was with Green Spirit from The Beginning of the Journey back in 2014 and her readings have always been very popular with our customers. We are now SUPER delighted to welcome her back to our new space, in 2022, after a very long break.

Rochelle is a Certified Angel Communicator providing intuitive readings using oracle cards. Rochelle connects with your angels and spirit guides to provide isight on how to move forward in all areas of your life whether it be work, personal, love or any other area.

Rochelle is a psychic medium and her connection to the angelic realm is strong. Her readings are gentle and yet honest and will get to the heart of the matter! Her readings are filled with love and compassion and heartfelt energy.

Rochelle will be offering readings in person on Tuesdays (not every week) and her rates are as follows:

$60 - 30 mins
$100 - 60 mins

Payment by cash please, direct to Rochelle on the day.