Liquid Smudge

Liquid Smudge is a unique and effective energy purifier, composed of 16 botanical species, combined according to First Nations' ancestral procedures.
Invocation Liquid Sage Blend
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    The herbs in Liquid Smudge have been used for millennia by several spiritual traditions throughout the world. These herbs are present in the form of extracts and essential oils, so each herb and plant diffuses their virtues in a synergy that amplifies their effectiveness.

    Liquid Smudge is encoded by a Native American medicine technique with specific intentions. These are purification, protection, inspiration, and well being, with respect for all beings.

    It takes two months to make Liquid Smudge. Its shelf life is two years. The color of the product will turn from green to yellow over time, especially if exposed to sunlight, but this does not change its effectiveness.

    This is truly a wonderful product for clearing the mind, helping one to sleep, relax and find new energy. It is especially effective in cleansing the electromagnetic field as well as clearing away heavy, negative energies. With no need to burn these herbs in order to to smudge, this product is perfect in public places, hospitals, at home and at work.



"Green Spirit is a lovely little shop of wonder. I have had many positive experiences there between chats and picking up new crystal babies to bring home. They have a great selection of books, cards, stones and much more. Should they not have something they are willing to see about bringing it in for you. It's so nice to have one of my favorite shops, so close to home!! :) "

- Candice Harsh, Ottawa



"Green Spirit is my home away from home. Caroline and Kay are very friendly and welcoming individuals. They helped me into the world of spirituality and meditation and taught me the benefits of different stones. Every time I enter Green Spirit, no matter what turmoil I feel that day, I always seem to feel better when I leave...and a little more knowledgeable."

- Ashley Smith, Ottawa


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"I love everything about this place! It's energy is just so wonderful. I LOVE the jewlery! This business is base on soul and heart because of Kay and Caroline and you can feel it. Thank you for your work ladies and what you bring to the community!"

Marie-Helene Fortin, Ottawa



"Phenomenal shopping experience at Green Spirit: good selection, great staff, and fantastic energy! Left with amazing vibes today and already excitedly awaiting my next visit!"

- Taneisha Steele



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Green Spirit

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"A true gem!!! My favorite crystal store! Amazing energy and great customer service :-) On top of this, they have the most diverse selection of crystals I have seen in Ottawa! "

- Katherine Landreau

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