Alicia - Spiritual Coaching For Kids (In Person)

Alicia is an Intuitive Psychic, Certified Spiritual Coach and founder of Astral Energetics For Kids. She focuses her work with children, creating a safe space for them to be authentically themselves. Through practices such as meditation, oracle cards, energy and crystal work she gives children the confidence to walk fully down their spiritual path.

Sessions are led by the child on their terms, creating a foundation of trust to encourage them to tap into their power.

Children will learn:

* The power of crystals and their properties
* Different energy healing techniques
* Boundary protection
* The benefit of journaling and automatic writing
* How to work with oracle cards
* How to use meditation as a form of grounding
* How to feel empowered in everyday life

Alicia is a Mom to two daughters with a background in childcare (ECE) and fully believes that children confidently knowing that they ARE the higher power, is an essential part of them moving freely along their spiritual path from childhood through to adult years.


Spiritual Coaching Sessions (Ages 10+) - $55 - 60 minutes

Oracle Readings (Adults) - $60 - 30 minutes

Currently booking for Wednesday and Thursday evenings (after 5pm).

To book, please email