Crystal Healing

Vibrational Healing

Vibrational healing, put simply, is an alternative healing modality that utilizes the powerful and stable frequencies of crystals to alter the vibrational frequencies of your body to positively influence your health, mood, and well-being.

What is Crystal Healing and How does it work?

It’s all about frequency, energy and vibration. It is science. I personally do not have a scientific brain and I know I’m not alone, so I am going to keep this simple with some short scientific facts!

Humans are electrical beings. As such our health and well-being depend on voltage. Crystals are voltage increasers. This means in simple terms that crystals can positively impact our health and well-being, by increasing our “voltage” or vibration. Crystals help us to change our frequency and/or they can change the frequency in our environment. Either way, they have a positive impact.

Everything is energy, everything has a vibration, a frequency. All matter vibrates. This vibration is known as the DOR (Dominant Oscillary Rate).

Humans are a collection of many DORs. We don’t have a precise structure, each chakra has a different vibration, our organs and body parts all have a different vibration to one another. Our structure is complex!

Unlike humans, a crystal has a fixed, repeating, geometric, molecular pattern. It is NOT random, it’s a perfect geometric pattern. It’s molecular composition, size, thickness and colour affect the DOR, but it has just 1 DOR.

The elements of a crystal, that is, the crystal system (minerals), light frequency (colour) and DOR determine the healing properties that it carries. So, for example all amethyst crystals have very similar healing properties but you might find one that is more powerful or that has a slightly different “personality” than another because of the varying DOR.

Due to their stable, very precise structure, crystals have a low state of entropy. What is entropy? Entropy is the tendency to go towards disorder. This means they can resist disorder from outside influences and maintain their DOR easily, UNLIKE US! We can get thrown into disorder so very easily. It could just take spilling your morning coffee, some idiot driver on the road or a minor disagreement with your hubby, to change your DOR.

When our environment has a reduced entropy and we become entrained by a stable energy such as that coming from a crystal, that allows for a boost to our health. As we harmonize with this stable energy our health increases. So…science concludes that being around crystals is good for our health.

Ways to use your Crystals

Wear them or carry them with you

Create a mojo bag!

Sleep with them under your pillow

Create a sacred space

Keep them in your living space

Crystal Grids

Body Layouts/Chakra Balancing

Gem elixirs

Crystal bath


How to Cleanse Crystals

Rinse under cold running water (with care, some crystals do not like water, e.g. Selenite)

White Sage

Place on a Selenite slab

Re-Tune with Sound Crystal bowl,

- Tuning forks,

- Tingsha bells,

- Singing bowl, or

- Loud music!

How to charge your crystals

Under a Full Moon
A great time for ceremonies or special intentions and working with specific energies and potential
(Yang energy) a time to harvest or reap what you have sown gratitude for lessons learned this cycle completion

Under a New Moon
Also a great time for ceremonies and special intentions to work with the energies present
(Yin energy) planting seeds and setting intentions starting something new

In the Sun
Infuse with the vibrant energy of the sun (yang)

Use Reiki
Add your own intention for clearing, cleansing or charging by infusing crystals with reiki energy.