Rina - Chakra Reading & Colour Recommendations

  • Feeling out of sorts?
  • Experiencing aches and pains?
  • Curious to see what your aura looks like in real time?
  • Interested to know how your chakras are performing?
  • Wanting to know more about your chakra system or what may develop if there's a blockage?
  • Interested in finding out how you can feel better with colours?
If you've answered yes to any of these questions, you would benefit from a session.
Each session includes a hard copy full of information on the chakra(s) needing attention as well as a list of different ways you can achieve balance using items   readily available to you, in and around your home.
Show yourself some well deserved love and invest the 20 minutes and $55 to be on your way to achieve wellness (includes aura photo).

Rina started her colour journey over 10 years ago while searching for a modality she would resonate with, in an attempt to heal some deep wounds. After countless workshops and hours of research, she discovered auras and learned that all aspects of her life were being governed by different colour vibrations and could all be related to her chakra system and her aura. Rina is now making it her mission to help people feel their best by creating an awareness about the importance of having a healthy aura and chakra system, and how we can accomplish wellness on all levels, by using colours in our every day life.


Rina will be booking 1 day per month, often on a Sunday and drop-ins are welcome. Please call us on 613-692-5151 to find out which days Rina will be with us.