Cynthia Bonnell - Tune in Tarot (In Person)

Mother Peace Tarot Readings with Cynthia Bonnell

With over 25 years of experience reading tarot as taught to her by her mother, Cynthia now adapts the messages of this particular deck to resonate and align with an ever changing era of awareness and enlightenment. 

Cynthia reads for both women and men as the symbols and characters in tarot speak to the universal male and female aspects in us all. She is the mother of two adult women who continue to amaze her with how each are unique in their compassion and creativity. She has  also worked in the special education field in Ottawa for 20 years. 

Some feedback from clients:
"My reading was very inuitive and full of light. I feel I am on a positive path but wanted validation" 
"A pleasure to have my cards read with sincerity and a knowledge of tarot."
"Cynthia is compassionate and highly insightful. I like how her readings link the messages of each card giving me an overall message with guidance and confidence and an overall perspective of my concern."

To book with Cynthia please email her at
1 hour reading - $85
30 minute reading - $65